Dust Collection & Material Handling Hoses


Suction and Transport Hoses

• Plastics Industry: granules transport, air ducting, granule suction

•Chemical Industry: delivery of chemicals, air ducting, chemical suction

• Textile Industry: equipment hoses

• Material Handling: bulk material conveyors

• Vacuum Industry: vacuum cleaners, vacuum conduits

• Computer Industry: clean rooms

• Concrete Industry: sand and gravel suction, concrete pouring

• Sewer and Waste Industry: dust removal, air duct cleaning, street sweepers, suction equipment

• Mining Industry: gravel and rock suction, breathing hoses, rock quarries

• Agricultural Industry: grain transport

• Glass Manufacturing: glass extraction, glass wool extraction
• Oil and Gas Industry: fume extraction

• General Manufacturing: exhaust, blower hoses, ventilation, protection against mechanical pressure

• Electrically Conductive Applications: oil spray extraction, gaseous and liquid media extraction

• Dust Collection: manufacturing facilities

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