Diversitech Fume Extraction Arm

Diversitech Fred SR2 Dual Arm Fume Extractor

Diversitech’s XA2 series fume extraction arms provide users with an ultra-smooth articulation and light-weight anodized aluminum construction for effortless re-positioning.

The Extractor capture arm features a pantograph external structure allowing the arm to be self-supporting even when fully extended and the pantograph mechanism offers easy and quick adjustment and maintenance. The heavy duty durable steel base pivots 360° and the square flanged hood with a built in handle offers a high face velocity, is externally adjustable and is available with an optional LED light kit.

  • Smooth, low-friction movement
  • Flanged suction hood
  • Wall mounted, column mounted or portable
  • Externally articulated, gas spring loaded

Diversitech Blower

Diversitech Fred Eco II Wall-Mounted Fume Extractor

With Diversitech’s line of fume exhaust arms, blowers & booms, you can create a capture-at-source solution for fumes & dust that adequately protects your workers. By capturing airborne contaminants as they are produced, these extraction arms & blowers help you stay OSHA compliant, and ensure that your working environment is clean and safe.

  • Flexible 10’ x 6" diameter externally articulated capture arm
  • 1.0 HP TEFC, 800 CFM Blower with a Pre-installed Wall-mount Bracket
  • 26” Re-useable Cartridge Filter (MERV 15)
  • Rotary starter with 15’ Power Cord

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